Just like that started ..now vacated

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Thank you all, for visiting this blog...

I hv vacated this place and moved into my other blog, based on suggestions received. To view the variety of food, in front of you, pl. visit my Dreamstores.

(all the posts which were here earlier, hv been moved to the new house already)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Guys&Gals (I hope Gals are visiting too...). It is a matter of few days, that I hv started blogging. Thanks for all those, who hv visited so far & who left their views.

When I started, I wanted to hv a clear vision as to what I am doing. That's why I segregated the topics into two - One purely as Filmworld discussions and other as Knowledge Sharing. Still I am eager to do that.... and ready for the Challenge of maintaining two.

But now, I hv received few observations & suggestions, that it would be better, if I combine both into one blog. Reason is that I can allow the visitors to focus on one blog, rather than on two blogs being presented by the same person.

Here I need all your views.. All you guys have experience in blogging for a long time. I would like you to leave your comments as to whether I can combine both under one. I am confident that I can maintain the same quality of entertainment & non-entertainment stuff, even if it is combined...

Your suggestions please...One baby or Two babies???

Even if you are an anonymous or occassional visitor, I would like you to post your comments. Your valuable comments are highly appreciated...to make my blogging a quality one.